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Join us on March 1st, from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, for the "Leprechaun Adventure” No School Club, a day brimming with magical fun and spirited adventures! Designed especially for K-4th graders, this enchanting event invites your child to embark on a journey to the end of the rainbow and beyond. It’s is the perfect blend of dance, tumbling, creativity, and imagination, featuring:

  • Leprechaun Gold Hunt: Embark on a thrilling quest to find hidden treasures, teaching teamwork and problem-solving as kids search for the leprechaun's elusive gold.

  • Rainbow Relay Races: Dash, dart, and dance across the colors of the rainbow in these high-energy relay races that promote fitness and fun


Just bring some comfy clothes, your dancing spirit, a nut-free lunch, and a water bottle – we've got the rest, including the magic!

So why sit at home when you can  dance, tumble, and  explore the lore of leprechauns with us? Let's make the most of the no-school day together! 


Date: Friday, March 1 

Time: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM 

Fee: $54

Open to K-4th graders. 

So, there's no school?  Send your kids to have fun at LoMastro Performing Arts Academy. We'll dance, tumble, play games, make a craft, play, and have fun!

Attire: comfortable clothing, socks or bring your dance shoes. 


What to bring: nut-free lunch and a water bottle. 

Time:  9:30 am -  12:30 pm

$54 /child

Upcoming dates:

  • Fri, Oct 20

  • Fri, Nov 10

  • Fri, Feb 16

  • Fri, Mar 1 

(Nov 8) No School Club Facebook
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