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  • Priority Registration for Current Students begins June 1 at 10AM

    • Pre-Approved Class letters will be sent via email to all currently enrolled students on May 25. 

    • The membership fee is waived for students who were enrolled for 2022-23 and register during the Priority Registration period June 1-7.  A $30 membership fee per student is due upon enrollment for all registrations after June 8. 

  • Registration for New & Returning Students begins June 8 at 10AM

    • A $30 membership fee per student is due upon enrollment.

Sep 11 , 2023 - May 25, 2024 Classes

2023-24 Brochure (Early Childhood).png
2023-24 Brochure (Enrichment).png
2023-24 Brochure (Broadway Bound).png
2023-24 Brochure (Combo).png
2023-24 Brochure (Dance 1).png
2023-24 Brochure (Dance 2).png

2024 Recital


Parents and relatives of all LPAA students will enjoy watching their children dance in our annual recital held in May/June. Our Recitals feature all Dance classes, and Dance Company. Participation is optional for all enrolled students ages 3-19. Recitals are separated by age and level. All on stage rehearsals and performances are mandatory for those who want to perform. Participation in the recital is assumed and parents are responsible for costume fees, due November 1st. Costume fees will be automatically charged on November 1st, (see “Auto Pay” on the registration form). Parents must notify the academy in writing if their child does not wish to participate in the Recital prior to November 1st to avoid being charged costume fees. Costume fees are non-refundable:

  • $80 Pre-Ballet & Tap I

  • $110 Pre-B & Tap II, Primary B & Tap

  • $84 Kids Bop, Twirl & Tumble

  • $133 Elementary Ballet & Tap 1

  • $133 Elementary Jazz & Hip-Hop 1

  • $156 Elementary B/T/J 2 & Upper Elementary B/T/J

  • $80 Ballet 2

  • $60 Ballet 3-8

  • $110 All other subjects (Jazz, Tap, Contem.-Modern, Hip-Hop)


Save the dates

April 27-May 3: Early Childhood Recital Costume Week

May 4 -  Early Childhood Recitals, No classes

May 20-25 - Photo Week & In-Studio Dress Rehearsal for Age 6-18

May 31-June 2 - Recitals for Ages 6-18

Details will be finalized during Spring Break. 

Recial Info
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