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Dance Company

The Dance Company is comprised of dancers ages 6 - 19 that excel in a variety of styles of dance. Dance Company is designed to give students an opportunity to enhance their training and gain performance experience, as well as share their talent and provide entertainment to the community.


Divisons include:

  • Ballet

  • Jazz

  • Contemporary

  • Tap

  • Hip-Hop

2023-24 Dance Company Activity Agenda

2023-24 Dance Company Audition .png

2023-24 Petite, Mini and Youth Dance Company Commitment Contracts are due May 11.

2023-24 Junior, Intermediate and Senior Dance Company Commitment Contracts are due May 8. 


Please click the buttons below and learn about our Dance Company.  If you're interested in scheduling a private audition please contact us,


Learn about our conservatory program for pre-professional high school aged dancers.

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