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Recital 2024

This page contains important information you need to know for Recital.  Please remember both consistent attendance and home practice are vital to children's confidence on stage!

Important Dates 2024
Please mark your calendars. Rehearsals and performances are mandatory. If a student misses onstage rehearsal for any reason, they will not be allowed to perform. 

April 3:  Recital Packages and Add-ons go on sale T-shirts, Wall of Fame "Stars", and Recital Bundle Packages. 

April 10:  Recital Ticket sales begin at 10AM. Limit 6 per dancer.

April 20:  Order Deadline to get Add-Ons

April 20:  Remaining Tickets available

April 27-May 3 :  Early Childhood Recital Costume Week for all E.C. Classes

May 4:  Early Childhood Recitals & No classes held at the studio. 

May 20-25:  In Studio Dress Rehearsals and Photos for Ages 6-18

May 25:  Last day of classes

May 31-June 2:  Onstage rehearsals and Recitals for Ages 6-18

Watch this Tutorial

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to determine which show your dancer is in, order add-ons and recital tickets. 

How do I know which Recital my child is in?

The video tutorial above will show you how to view this in your account online.  Students will receive a personalized "event confirmation" via email on April 3 which shows which Recital(s) your dancer is in.

Where do I find Recital details for the show my child is in?

After you know which Recital your child is in, click the links below for more info!


"Mystical Movers" includes all of our Early Childhood classes for ages 3-6: Pre-Ballet I, Pre-Ballet II and Tap, Primary Ballet & Tap, Twirl & Tumble and Kids Bop. View Early Childhood Recital details. 


Recitals 1-5 are for ages 6-18 and include Levels 1-8 and LCP: Elementary Combos, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop and Contemporary classes. 

View Recital 1-5 details. 

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