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Girl Scouts

Dancer Badge Workshop

  • Bring your troupe to LoMastro Performing Arts Academy and earn the Dancer Brownie Badge! Personalized workshops can be tailored to fit each troops' needs. A day off of school is a perfect time to schedule your troupe's Dancer Badge Workshop! $15 per child, minimum 8 children.

  • Contact us at:


Dancer Brownie Badge

  • Do your feet start to tap when you hear a great song? Get ready to jump up and move to the beat in this badge. You'll learn fun warm-ups, perform steps from new dances, and make a dance of your very own.

  1. Warm up and get moving

  2. Try a new dance

  3. Take to the floor like a dancer

  4. Make up your own dance

  5. Show your moves!


Requirements for this badge can be found in the Girl Scout Brownie It’s Your World- Change It, Skill Building Badge Activity Set.


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