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2022 Dance Boot Camps

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Open to dancers entering 5th-8th Grade

Pick the dates you want

2-Days: M-W

1:00-4:00 PM

Boot camps will include jazz, contemporary, ballet, acro, PBT and hip hop. These camps are great for 10-13 yr olds who want to explore different dance styles or for intermediate-advanced level dancers to stay on top of their training during the summer months.  This is an accelerated program for students entering levels 4-8 for 2022-23 who are also entering 5th-8th grade.  Classes will be separated by level. 

  • June 13 & 15

  • June 20 & 22

  • June 27 & 29

  • July 25 & 27

  • Aug 1 & 3

  • Aug 8 & 10

Attire: Bring all dance shoes: ballet, jazz, and clean sneakers.  Girls - Solid leotard and tights.  Shorts or leggings may be worn for non-ballet classes.  Boys- fitted white or black t-shirt and black shorts. 

What to bring: a water bottle and a mask (if required by government).



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