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How do I register for classes?

  • Registration information can be found on the Enrollment page.


Where in Forest Square is LPAA located?

  • Between Lou Malnati's Pizzeria and Tips 2 Toes.


Where in Gorton Community Center is LPAA satellite located?

  • On the second floor in the Friends Room.


Do you have a dress code?

  • Yes, please Click Here >>

  • A dress code helps teachers see how well students are implementing the technical aspects of dance being taught: body alignment, stretched feet, extended knees, etc.

  • For parents, a dress code takes the hassle out of readying their child for class, and it’s less expensive than keeping their children’s closets full of the latest dance styles.

  • For students, a dress code promotes equality in the classroom and allows the student to focus on training without being distracted by what others are wearing.


Where can I find class tuition information?


Where can I find information on LPAA's policies?

  • Our policies can be found on the policies page.


My child does not have school today, will LPAA classes be held?

  • All dates of non-attendance can be found on our calendar page.

  • Classes are held on:

    • Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Jr's Day, Presidents' Day, Washington's Birthday. Classes are not held on: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day.


Will classes be cancelled due to Inclement Weather?

  • If classes are cancelled due to weather, a message will be posted on the LPAA phone line one hour prior to the first class. Please call the academy if weather is bad.  Also, posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  If there is inclement weather, classes will not be offered on Zoom as if it is unsafe to drive for our students it is also unsafe for our faculty.


Where do I find Recital information?

  • Recital information will be distributed in handbook form in the spring.

  • Additional info can be viewed on the Recital page.


Can my child enroll in a full season class once the season has begun?

  • Many of our classes run from Sept-May however we also offer shorter sessions throughout the school year and a summer session.  

  • We except new students throughout the year in our Early Childhood classes, however recital participation may not be possible pending the date of enrollment.

  • For ages 6+ having new students join a Full Season (Sept-May) class mid-year would force existing students to unnecessarily review the previously taught material. For this reason new students are not accepted into Full Season (Sept-May) classes after November 15.

    • Exception 1: Students with previous training may be allowed to join an existing class, depending on their ability level.

    • Exception 2: Private lessons maybe available to catch a student up.

    • Exception 3: Students enrolled in a Sessional class may be shifted into a Full Season class.

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