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At LoMastro we feel a sense of responsibility to support families and do our best to ensure children are active, learning, and continue to have a creative outlet during this time. 


In Illinois Kindergarten attendance is optional.  Kinder Movers Enrichment Club can be either a supplement or an alternative to remote learning.  


  • Providing large spaces for children to learn and move in.

  • Opportunity for children to explore the Fine Arts in small classes while keeping socially distanced.

  • ​Follow all health and safety protocols. 

    • Masks are worn at all times. 

    • Floors are marked to ensure physical distancing is maintained during activity. 

    • Individual tables maintain distancing while seated.  

    • Each child receives a kit with their own personal materials.

    • Health screening and temperature checks for all staff and students. 

  • Small class sizes, large spaces, increased safety and guaranteed fun.



Kinder Movers is your child’s opportunity to explore the fine arts and develop talents, skills and confidence at a young age. Children five and six years of age will be inspired through dance, yoga, fitness, music, art and drama while making learning fun. This program designed exclusively for Kindergarten aged students will work on refining movement, expanding cognitive skills and developing artistic abilities. We understand the psychology of learning and child development and use project-based curriculum, which is an emergent method that allows children to take responsibility for their learning integrating math, science, literacy, social awareness and physical movement into the fine arts.


Our integrated approach to learning will bring themes to real life, as we believe that children learn through experience. Children will be able to experience learning through their bodies so they can remember it in their minds. Allow your child to explore the many benefits our Enrichment Club has to offer.



Introduce your students to the world of dance. Children will learn the basics of dance and creative movement in a fun and encouraging environment.



Children will enjoy the many benefits that yoga has to offer. The introduction of basic poses, stretching and learning tools will create a foundation for calmness and focus.



Obstacle courses, gymnastic skills, and active games are incorporated to keep children moving and grooving. A focus on fitness will improve their coordination, body awareness and muscle memory.



Children will enjoy nursery rhymes and classic children’s songs while playing with drums and bells. Music and singing will help facilitate smooth transitions between activities and set the mood for a fun and positive class.



Painting, coloring, cutting, gluing and assembling...the possibilities are endless with arts and crafts time! Students will experience hands-on creativity and make crafts aligned with the theme of the day.



Students learn through their imaginations and will experience shadow play, expressing emotions, puppet theater and dress up days. Creativity is encouraged through drama games and activities.

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