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Early Childhood Recital 2021 T-Shirt Des

On The Big Screen "A Royal Celebration" includes all of our Early Childhood classes for ages 3-6: Pre-Ballet, Pre-Ballet and Tap, Primary Ballet & Tap and Kids Bop.

Early Childhood Classes are divided into 2 unique 30 minute films.  Refer to your Event Confirmation sent via email to know which film your dancer is featured in.

In-Person and Virtual Tickets are available.  Ticket Sales begin May 26 at 9:00 AM CST online through TicketSpice. 

To purchase a digital download of the Recital as a keepsake, see the link below.

Digital Video Download

Download the A Royal Celebration film as a keepsake. Purchase now, The video will be available to download beginning July 10th.  $42 per film.

July 10, 2021

A Royal Celebration A & B

Digital Video Download

In-Person Tickets

Indoor movie showings on the big screen in the theatre.  Don't miss this event where dancers are the VIPs.  Tickets are sold in "pods" of 2-4 seats in the same row with distancing between pods.   If you need more than 4 seats, we encourage you to buy multiple pods within the same row. We expect our shows to sellout!  Pods of 2 are $40, Pods of 4 are $80.

June 11, 2021

5:00 PM

A Royal Celebration A

John & Nancy Hughes Theater at Gorton Center

400 E. Illinois Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045

June 12, 2021

4:15 PM

A Royal Celebration B

John & Nancy Hughes Theater at Gorton Center

400 E. Illinois Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045

Virtual Tickets

This is a perfect opportunity to share your dancer's performance with family everywhere! Virtual Tickets are also great for families who may be traveling or wish to view virtually. 

June 12-20

A Royal Celebration A & B

Streaming On-Demand from June 12 at 5:00 PM to June 20.


Schedule for Filming Week

May 17-22 during regular class times, dancers will be filmed onstage at Gorton in the John & Nancy Hughes Theater at 400 E. Illinois Road in Lake Forest. Instead of dropping your kids off at LoMastro you’ll bring them to Gorton Center.  It is critical that dancers arrive on time and dressed in costume with hair in a bun and ready to perform.  Plan to arrive a few minutes early to park and walk to the Solarium doors.

  • Enter the Solarium doors located on the south side of the building facing Illinois Rd.  Dancers must arrive and depart from the Solarium doors only.   

  • A Parent or guardian should bring the students to the check-in table located in the solarium.  Once the dancer is checked-in, the parents will leave and return at pickup time.

  • Dancers will then carry their laundry basket and join their class in the auditorium.  Dancers will remain in the auditorium during the filming except when changing costumes in the dressing area.

  • At the end of filming, the dancers will be brought to the solarium to be picked up. Parents picking up should remain outside of the solarium doors.  Staff will escort dancers outside the solarium doors to meet their parent. 

  • Parents are not allowed in the theatre or dressing rooms once the children have been checked in for the filming.  


Note: classes which normally take place Mon-Fri before 2 PM will have regular class May 17-22 and will be scheduled to film in the morning on Saturday May 22.


Solarium Entrance

gorton community center.jpg

Do not use this entrance.



Dancers must arrive dressed in costume.  If they are in a Ballet & Tap combo class they should arrive wearing the ballet costume.  Costume changes, shoes, and extra tights, must be carried in a small laundry basket labeled with their name.

Costume Care

  • Label costumes, shoes, accessories, and tights with the student’s name.

  • Place costumes in a garment bag with the student’s name on the outside.

  • Carry costumes & shoes in a small laundry basket labeled with student's name.

  • Pack accessories in a clear plastic bag with the student’s name on the bag and on each item.

  • Press or steam all costumes prior to the filming. 

  • Please do not wash costumes in your washing machine; dry clean them only (after the recital).



Students will be required to purchase their own tights to wear with their costumes.

  • Pink tights are required for ballet and ballet & tap combo classes.

  • Tan Tights are needed for Kids Bop classes.


Tights are available at the academy, from dancewear stores or online merchants. Please purchase new tights for the recital. 


Hair & Makeup

Hair: All female students must wear their hair in a tight bun (with hairnet and bobby pins). No bangs are allowed. Dancers with short hair must pull their hair away from the face and slick it down. A French braid is a good option for dancers with hair too short for a bun. 

Bun video tutorial

Makeup:  Full stage makeup is not neccary since dancers will wear beige  colored face masks.  Eye makeup including mascara and eye shadow is optional for our Early Childhood dancers.


Face Masks

Each students will receive 1 beige colored face mask to wear with all of their costumes.  Masks will be distributed when the dancers checks-in at the theater during Filming Week.  

Flower Painted Nails

Nail Polish

Remove nail polish. Finger nails must be “polish-free” for the Recital filming.  

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