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Broadway Bound Program

Unleash Your Musical Theatre Talent!

Broadway Bound is a song and dance performance program that offers young performers a fun and supportive environment to learn and grow in their Musical Theatre abilities.

Find Your Group & Discover Your Potential

  • Starlets (Age 6-8)

  • Rising Stars (Age 7-9)

  • Shooting Stars (Age 8-10)

  • Broadway Collective (Age 10-13)


More Than Just Technique

Broadway Bound goes beyond traditional dance and vocal technique classes. Our skilled instructors guide students through a curriculum fostering self-expression, teamwork, and artistic growth while refining their singing and dancing skills. Students also engage in acting exercises and theater games to build confidence and stage presence.

Show Your Talent on Stage

Instruction focuses on mastering a captivating song and dance medley for on-stage performances at each session's end.


Flexible enrollment options accommodate students interested in the Sep-Dec or Jan-May sessions. Those enrolled in Sep-Dec will perform during our festive Holiday Showcase in December, while Jan-May participants will captivate audiences at the annual Recital in June.

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