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At LoMastro we are adapting to a "temporary normal" during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We feel a sense of responsibility to support families and do our best to ensure children are active, learning, and continue to have a creative outlet during this time.

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Virtual Interactive Classes

Our classrooms are digitally equipped with multiple cameras, large screen monitors, and microphones to make your virtual learning experience a great one!  We welcome students from everywhere to participate in our virtual live-streamed classes, you do not need to be local to train with the amazing LoMastro Faculty!  Enrollment is limited to ensure a positive learning experience.  Virtual Classes are offered in 6-week sessions.  Join us!

  • For our Early Childhood students age 3-6, Virtual Classes are structured differently than in-person classes and are taught exclusively to students participating virtually.  The teacher is alone in the classroom and curriculum is geared towards dancing at home. See the Virtual Class schedule & Register

  • For our Dance & Acro students age 6+ Virtual Only enrollment is available for all classes.  Students enrolled in Virtual Only, participate at home alongside those who are in the classroom in-person.  The focus is on developing technique and progressing through our leveled curriculum.  Be sure to enroll in the Virtual class, when registering.  See the Virtual Class schedule & Register.  


Virtual Academy

Our enrolled students will continue progressing through our leveled curriculum at home online.  

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